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We are a Schedule 2 Not-for-Profit registered in England & Wales.
Based in the Bristol area, we operate globally.


Money talks. Now only are we not-for-profit, our accounts are on public record on the UK Companies House website. Look up our operating costs, donations and reports on meeting with community members.

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We play fair. We believe that healthcare prices should not be grossly inflated. Our company structure only allows dividend payments to other charitable bodies. We do not pay out dividends.

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We go above and beyond compliance with Data Protection Regulations. We have issued an Ethics Statement, Vulnerable Persons Statement, and Code of Conduct for all staff (employees, volunteers and contractors).

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Being entirely self-funded, we operate as efficiently as possible. We offer home visits, therapy device rentals and other creative ways to continue serving the community in spite of lockdowns, travel restrictions or rising fuel prices.

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We design, build and test software that operates electromagnetic therapy equipment, taking traditional, decades-old methods to a radical new level: Not only have our pilot studies and case studies proven to be more clinically effective*, but they are significantly more cost effective than anything else on the market**.

*Because our therapy is responsive and adapts signal output in real-time, there are considerably less side-effects and increased rates of long-term, stable restoration of health. Check ClinicalTrials.gov and other publications in our Articles section as we continue to conduct research.

**Our therapy requires one session per week for 6 to 8 consecutive weeks. Other therapies require sessions daily or 5 days a week for between 4 and 12 weeks. Look up the details in our many articles summarising interventional studies and clinical trials.

Growing past Artificial Intelligence, the end-goal we envision is Artificial Consciousness that will guide and adapt therapy in real-time to deliver a faster, more effective form of healing. It’s not as far-fetched as one might be led to believe. By ‘listening’ to the body’s responses via EEG and ECG measurements, we can more deeply understand how each individual reacts to input signals, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender or other supportive therapies / medications they are currently taking at the time of treatment.

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Proof of concept can be challenging when we are on the cutting edge of new developments in non-invasive medical treatment. Our gentle, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy sends signals through low voltage, direct current wave forms (square, sine, sawtooth). The human body conducts electricity, and it is suggested that electromagnetism can travel through the body – thus making the exact positioning of the electrodes somewhat irrelevant so long as the positioning is consistent.

Early research suggests that the hypothalamus and brain stem can be affected by electromagnetic stimulation (see https://neurovalens.com for more information), which would unlock quite a few useful implementations for health restoration and care.

It is our view that the entire vagus nerve, not just its endings, can be stimulted or ‘released / re-set’ using a specific set of frequencies in square wave form with 50% duty cycle (which is commonly used in research). By ‘re-setting’ the vagus nerve, a person can release stress and trauma held in the body.

Receipt of funding is vital to conduct more research. Being the only not-for-profit company in healthcare (to the best of our knowledge), venture capitalists and private, greed-driven corporate interests are not likely to invest in serious interventional, sham-controlled studies to benefit the public good and posterity. What for-profit companies usually do is the absolute minimum to meet regulatory standards to make a medical claim to cure or treat, then spend a large sum of money on marketing. Whether or not a profit-driven entity’s intervention is actually effective could be considered irrelevant; the placebo effect always works, and is just a matter of throwing the right marketing budget at targeted groups of vulnerable people — because the reality is that when people are suffering and in need of healthcare services, they are in a vulnerable position, no matter their age or level of physical ability.

Our Pilot Study on PTSD
Our Clinical Trial on Long Lyme
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Yes, we can make claims to cure or treat when certain criteria are met. Find out more in our Disclaimer.

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