The National Centre for Electromagnetic Therapies

We are a schedule 2 not-for-profit Community Interest Company on the Great British Isles.

We are 100% self-funded. Our services are not (yet) on the NHS.

Therapies We Offer

Our safe, CE-marked and medically approved theraps is especially well suited for children, babies and people with limited mobility because we offer fully-equipped kits for home use and – in rare cases due to lack of time – perform home visits to render therapy.

Case Studies will be added to our Research & Articles section soon. Kasey, the Director, has recorded a short talk given to her Rotary Club explaining how she came to learn her trade and two very interesting case studies. Watch the video with case study presentation HERE (opens in a new tab in YouTube). It is very interesting how effective our treatments can be when we work together with GPs and specialists to know more about an individual’s condition and unique health concerns.

Disclaimer: Some of the services we offer haven’t been backed up by enough clinical evidence yet, so we cannot make a claim to ‘cure’ or treat for those specific conditions. Ask your GP for details, especially if you are uncertain of what you really need.

Treatments offered:

  • PTSD & Trauma

    This focuses on emotional trauma that results in very real physical symptoms such as being wheelchair bound, experiencing panic attacks, regular flashbacks and hyper-sensitivity causing over-reaction to triggers. Read more in our blog and in our pilot study.

  • Anxiety

    Read more in our blog.

  • Insomnia

    Although more research needs to be performed, we’ve seen in one of our clinical trials that insomnia can be reduced by 83% in just three weeks. Read more in our blog and in our clinical trial.

  • Eczema & Psoriasis

    Some skin conditions baffle doctors — we could probably help when coricosteroid creams and immunosuppressants no longer work or, in the case of the latter, are no longer advisable due to increased risk of cancer (for example in young children with severe, treatment-resistant eczema). Read more in our blog.

  • Hormone Re-Balancing

    Over the past years we’ve been rendering treatments, we have seen success in stopping and reversing hair loss, calming emotional outbursts / sudden rage, and restoring a regular, pain-free menstruation. Watch one testimonial HERE (opens in a new tab in YouTube); case studies will be added to our blog soon.


The Bristol Centre for Biofeedback is a hub for self-employed practitioners, visiting contractors, and students to come together and align ideas, share knowledge,  and streamline best practices. Founded in 2018, the company has served more than 100 people in the local community.

Kasey studied a B.A. in International Business and learned electromagnetics on the side. She has been the lead sponsor/investigator in two UK-based clinical trials and currently develops the algorithms for our AI-guided software.
DENIS CESANOIndependant Practitioner
Denis has been working independantly with his SCIO in South Africa for more than 10 years. He contributes to analysis of research projects with brilliantly complicated spreadsheets. He also contributes to staff and practitioner training held online.
ALED SLADEResearch Assistant
Aled contracts with NCET to write reserach articles, draft clinical trial methodologies and protocols, and answer the many little questions that keep coming back a week or so after documents are submitted to Although grossly overqualified with his degree from Oxford, he’s a valuable all-rounder in the team.
CARLO HORNILLAFreelance Social and Graphics
Carlo (they/he) is a multi-disciplinary artist, illustrator and storyteller. They help manage NCET’s social media and have made many of our graphics.
GOSHA DZIEWULSKAResearcher & Therapist-in-Training
Gosha will stop working for the Shaw Trust to join NCET in April full-time. She currently conducts market and competitor research while training as a PEMF therapist.
PETER UGOCEANSoftware & Hardware Engineer
Peter builds the software used in clinic and manages production of the generators. Based in Romania, he studied in the EU and Canada.


Hillside Studios – The Elm Hut
Berwick Lane
Easter Compton
BS35 5RU


The Practice Rooms
39 Cotham Hill


We are available on a limited basis to provide home visits for therapy. Please ask about our device rentals for use at home.

Although based in Bristol for the majority of our practise and training, we also serve the Greater Bristol Area including Bath, Portishead, and Cardiff for home visits. Satellite locations are run by Kevin in Poole and Nick in Dorset.