NCET Partners Up With Love Evolution

NCET are incredibly excited to announce a collaboration with our Canadian friends over at Love Evolution. Both groups have decided that by partnering up we are able to generate new ideas and brainstorm new ways to continue offering therapy to people who desperately need it. Our focus lies on the deprived area of Bristol, such as Hartcliffe and South Gloucestershire County.

Love Evolution

Love Evolution are an organization that focusses on the power of love. They teach about concepts of love-based consciousness through books, blogs, personalised sessions, and group events. One of the most endearing parts of Love Evolution is their idea that love is a vibration of connection to oneself and to others, rather than generic ideas of romantic love (although it is an aspect of the same energy).

The organisation is run by Ann and Bill, a couple who met in 2012 and have been entwined ever since. It has been their mission to share their personal journey in the hopes of inspiring others to use tools to create change in your life and connect with yourself on a deeper level. You can find out more about Ann and Bill HERE. They also run a regular blog that details different types of awareness, therapies, and mindfulness surrounding love.

Three pillars stand at the core of Love Evolution’s organization:

  1. Love – Ann and Bill have created a platform that encourages individuals to take a more serious step into love-based consciousness that is best for oneself, rather than following the ideals of other individuals. By sharing concepts, practices, and experiences, they hope to encourage others into forging their own paths ahead.
  2. Community – Ann and Bill firmly believe in sharing these ideals with everyone they come across. By providing an open platform, people are free to explore love-consciousness, and help other reflect on their personal journeys. Their safe space is solidified through their Patreon, where members can communicate with each other, and have direct access to all the facilities that Love Evolution provides.
  3. Technology – The use of science is a crucial part of strengthening the soul in the human form. Ann and Bill have spent the past decade refining their technology that accompanies love-consciousness, and use sound, scalar, and other devices to relax the body and mind. You can find out more about their technology on their dedicated website.

As you can see, Love Evolution encompasses the passion and drive that we have at NCET. It is encouraging to see other individuals spreading the message of mindfulness, spirituality, and technological holistic healing across the globe. We realised that our SCIO machines and therapy sessions offer the exact kind of healing that Ann and Bill strive for, hence why we are so excited for a continued collaboration with Love Evolution.

Our SCIO devices have been shown to reduce depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems, whilst being able to balance the body’s chemical imbalances. All of these lead to a more mindful and relaxed individual who feels reinvigorated to live life on their own terms.

If you are interested in renting a SCIO device for home use, you can visit our booking form HERE. Alternatively, if you would like to book a therapy session with us, you can get in touch with us at, or give us a call on 03301 3301 83. We look forward to hearing from you soon!