Our Automated Distance Healing Service: SCIO-Powered Remote Subspace Healing Sessions

This information on this page will be updated and added to in due time. For now, it suffices to cover the basics of what this offering is.

How Distance Healing Works

You might have heard of Reiki healing via distance at the 2nd or 3rd degree level. You might have heard of Theta healing or Divine Empowerment. These all work without hands-on-patient contact. The healing energy is transmitted simply by the practitioner intended the healing to flow forth. The healing must be consciously accepted by the patient, i.e. they must request the healing or say YES to accept the healing. Also, the practitioner must be a clear channel for the healing to flow through from the Divine Source.

How Automated Distance Healing Works

Going a step beyond artificial intelligence, we use artificial consciousness to guide the process of sending healing. In a nutshell:

  • The quantum world: Wave-Particle Duality. All matter is particles (light) vibrating (moving back and forth symmetrically, also called oscillation).
  • By measuring the osciallation (that back and forth movement looks like a Sine or Cosine wave, remember those from mathematics class?), we thusly differentiate one item from another; Hair, liver tissue, a virus, a bacterium strain, an emotion, even a homeopathic remedy — all these itmes are differentied by their different speeds of oscillation — which is a frequency, a wave. We do not differentiate with the naked eye, or temperature, or any Newtonian physics-based methods. We differentiate by measuring an item’s frequency.
  • If we know the measure of a given item’s frequency, we can then entrain that item if it is working improperly — think of a liver damaged by Hepatitis. We can see Hepatitis in the patient’s system, and we can see that the liver is weak. We can either send in the inverse of the frequency signature of Hepatits, and/or we can send in the frequency signature of a healthy liver. Sending in those frequencies is attempting entrainment or ‘alignment’ of the body’s frequencies with the healthy frequencies it should be emanating.
    How exactly we achieve entrainment is a lengthy explanation; it is usually with square wave form using 50% duty cycle (even pauses between sending in the one frequence), however we also use sine, sawtooth and other wave forms. Think of it in music as if one is ‘sliding into’ a note, or a gentle short glissando down into the note one wants to play.
  • After sending in the frequencies, we then ‘listen’ for a solid echo. Did entrainment happen? Did the therapy take or be absorbed properly? Think of this like tuning a guitar — when hitting the right note for that string (each string is made to hold one specific note or frequency), the entire guitar vibrates. It echos loudly in the body when the string is at its properly tuned pitch. This loud echo is a very good sign, it means that health is emanating inside the patient. This ‘echo’ can be measured with EEG and ECG capabilities/technology.
  • Lastly, if that didn’t blow your mind then this just might — electromagnetic frequencies do not require a medium through which to travel. Check it out, look for the NASA website. EM frequencies can travel through a vacuum.

That is how distance healing works: frequencies at such a range, far higher (moving more rapidly, that is) than ones we could hear with our human ears (or dog ears!) can travel without a medium. However, that does not mean they can travel infinetly. Lead will block EM waves. So will other dense metal materials — dense as in the alchemical sense of unenlightened or more unconscious. Gold, for example, conducts electricity very well.

(By the way, Nucleus devices have gold-plated circuitry for the fastest most clear connection and communication. They are amazing…. ask us about more information or visit our page on Med Beds for more information.)

You could think of it like mobile phones transmitting signals. You don’t need to be hooked up to electrodes for the therapy to work — however, it is a more clear and strong signal if the patient is hooked up to electrodes rather than only receiving distance or ‘subspace’ healing as we call it in the Frequency Medicine world.

Our Distance / Subspace Healing Offering (Using SCIO Machines)

We quickly learned that giving distance sessions was just not financially practical or feasible. Running a SCIO overnight for 6-12 hours would wear down the electrical capacitor. It needs a rest every 2.5/3 hours to run optimally, for the longest amount of time before servicing or refurbishing. Furthermore, a patient would often reach good rectification results in just 10-20 minutes, therefore making it unnecessary to run a therapy session longer.

Remember, it’s not about the length of time a therapy is given. It’s about reaching that level of entrainment or alignment or ‘synchronisation’. It could take 10 minutes, or it could take 12 minutes, or you might not reach it in that session.

We Use SCIO Machines

We work with both the Nucleus from Quantum Medical and the discontinued SCIO from Biofeedback 2014 SRL, which changed its company name to Quantum Medical. https://quantum-medical.eu/

There are a number of SCIO devices hooked up to a server, running 24/7. Technically they are not running healing sessions constantly, because all machines need a ‘rest’ (called a duty cycle or capacity). We use SCIOs because many of them were a gift, and because they are also a very financially affordable tool that gets the job done decently. (For a comparison of device tech specs, click here.)

Therapies We Offer

DISCLAIMER: YOU NEED TO TALK TO YOUR THERAPIST FIRST about what you need. We do not have any therapy programmes that would harm you or hurt you (or animals or nature), however we do not want to waste your time or ours by running a therapy session that you do not need or a programme that does not resonate with you.

We at NCET have limited time, and so are reaching out to other trusted therapists in time zones around the globe in order to give you a bespoke, customised service that will work for you.

If you have been referred to this page by someone, then that person is most likely your therapist. If you contact us asking for a cheaper deal or trying to cut out the middle man, then go screw yourself — no, really. We honour and respect all our independant practitioners and when we get enquiries, we mention it briefly in our group chat to make sure it’s not a patient who has come to us because a colleague charges too high of prices.

If you cannot afford your health care service, talk to us and/or your therapist. We are a not-for-profit, go look up our financial accounts on Companies House website. We do not make very much money at the moment, but we will NOT nor will we EVER fiddle around with price rigging and dishonesty. We strive to offer an affordable service, and in today’s global world there are different price points for each country, city and person’s household income.

Kasey, for example, sets prices in a percentage of monthly or annual income. It can be capped at a certain amount for millionaires and billionaires; Likewise there is a bottom line minimum we need in order to cover expenses. It is our firm belief that WE are not the sole bearer of healing. We are not the only therapy form available; Patients have the freedom to opt for any therapy form that is right for them, including nutritional supplements, surgery, medications, plant medicine, and prayer. Our form of therapy is just one of many — and we have chosen this automated distance healing because we are naturally so inclined; we are drawn toward music both audible and inaudible.

Therapy Runs Available

If you are familiar with the SCIO and Clasp32 software, then you know that some therapy programmes can be run in subspace, and some only run when a patient is hooked up to the electrodes. If you don’t have all of these in your head, that’s fine — you can see a PDF of screenshots of available subspace therapies by clicking the button below.

Therapies Available for Distance Healing Sessions

Please remember that the therapies available in that PDF linked to above run for a different duration of minutes or cycles — everything is explained in the PDF.

If you are a therapist building a customised therapy run (or “session”) then please keep the therapy to around 2.5 hours in total.

It is also recommended that our independant therapists we work with check in on a regular basis doing in-person or subspace health scans, to monitor how health in progressing. This can be done very easily in the Pulsar software thanks to the Simplicity Report. Ask us for an example of the PDF report if you’d like to see one.

COMING SOON: We will build a custom tracker in the software, when we have the time to do so. It would be very helpful for therapists to track only certain items for certain patients, i.e. tracking heavy metals in a person once monthly, and exporting only a mini report focusing on those item codes (e.g. mercury, lead, cadmium, etc.).

We Offer 4 Automated Distance Healing Packages

1. Once-Daily Healing

Your healing session runs once a day. You will receive an email after the session is complete, summarising the therapies (in safe, gentle words or names) and for how many minutes each ran. The time of day cannot be customised, so if you are very sensitive and don’t want to bolt wide awake in the dead of the night because the “feel good” therapy started running, then check out package two below.

2. On-Demand Healing

You can send in an email and your automated distance therapy session will start on you within a few minutes, usually no more than 3 minutes. You’ll get an email back saying that your session has begun.

For this package, your email must be in our system; only one email address can be linked to one patient’s account. We therefore recommend that therapists working together with patients who are less IT-inclined create an email address together and manage the email address for their distance healing together. (And we recommend one that does not have high security, for example @gmx.de or @protonmail.com … an address where you do not need 2-factor authentication, if sharing it between your patient and yourself.)

If you have a smart email manager (or Gmail app for example) you can schedule your therapy runs. Schedule an email to be sent out every 3 hours, for example. You are not limited to one a day, just one at a time.

You have a variety of therapies to choose from when sending in an email to start an on-demand distance session:

  • Pain
  • Sleep
  • Feel Good
  • Immune
  • (More available, Kasey just could not remember off the top of her head while writing this)
  • And any customised / bespoke session that your therapist has created for you. (A nickname or shortcode will be given in this case.)

3. 24/7 Healing

This is where the distance sessions run back to back continuously. You will receive a once-daily summary report by email.

We recommend the Alignment therapy run, because it is very gentle and does not make people feel too ‘buzzed’ with energy. It protects them from black magic and spiritual / psychic attack, while also aligning their energies gracefully.

4. 24/7 Healing plus On-Demand

You can have the gentle protection and correction running while at the same time emailing in for an on-demand session as frequently as you’d like. It makes sense to have protection from psychic attack and at the same time run a therapy session for sleep or to boost your immune system, right?

Prices for Automated, Artifical Conscioussness-Powered Distance Healing

As mentioned above, we have bottom lines to cover and some of our therapists (like Kasey) choose to offer different prices according to the patient’s means and financial situation. It is difficult to pay for regaining health when one is out of work due to illness. It’s a conundrum that’s easily enough fixed with a bit of trust and honesty: When patients start feeling better, they can opt to pay more for their package, or they can pay for a healing package for a friend.

What a wonderful gift to give! When you’re healed and feeling well and have more finances, why not share the HEALTH as well as wealth. Gifting a session to a friend would increase our income and also help out someone you care about — how cool is that? :)

Ask us for prices. Talk to us about your health goals.

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+40 7527 88044 (Kasey’s mobile, also on WhatsApp and Telegram)