Purchase a New SCIO Biofeedback Device

These SCIOs are new and unused, and come with a full set of electrodes. Here’s why we are selling them at ‘dumping prices’ cheaper than any others on the market.

CE-Markings and Certifications

In our small, 100% self-funded not-for-profit our focus is on giving therapy and conducting clinical trials. We have had a number of SCIO devices donated to our cause, to use as spares or repairs, to rent out in our home therapy programme or for software development and testing purposes. These devices were manufactured in 2016 and are covered by quality of standard and safety certificates for the time of manufacture. See this certificate, this ISO certificate, and this ISO certificate from 2015. As you’ll note from those documents (or a lot of research on the internet), the validity of conformity lasts three years.

These devices are fully functional, but cannot be used in our future research we are planning because the devices do not have current TÜV / ISO / CE / UKCA markings. Therefore, we are brokering sales of these fully functional SCIO devices in order to help fund our future research in the area of PTSD and mental health.

Before You Buy a SCIO, Compare Prices, Software & Package Deals

After making sure that you’re buying a genuine device with genuine software, you’ll want to look around the market. Some used SCIO devices can be more affordable, but make sure they have been properly refurbished and work well. Also, be aware that some sellers don’t give you all parts of the software.

QX World No Longer Offer Background Programmes for Free

QX World have parceled out their software’s background programmes. Now, standard add-ons like Disease Dictionary, 3D Body Viewer, Quantum Prayer and Iridology all cost extra — and considerably extra, around €1,000 or €1,500 each!

Their new Quex S model doesn’t even include Home Use Therapies for free anymore. If you’re not aware of this programme, it’s highly useful — we relied on its artificial intelligence-guided auto programmes for our Clinical Trial on PTSD and Trauma in 2021.

Comparison of Competitor Prices

Our Price £4,900
SCIO Eductor  Range from €8,450 to €11,999 or roughly £7,254 to £10,301
ebay (make sure the device is genuine!) £4,500 to £6,500
White Dove Global (Preowned) $7,495 or roughly £5,382
Seriously Smart Technologies
$9,784 or roughly £7,026


(1x) SCIO device with silver test tray
(1x) USB to USB cable
(1x) head harness with 8 individual electrodes
(1x) limb harness with electrodes for wrists and ankles
24-month warranty on SCIO device
6-month warranty on electrodes
Unlimited software installs on unlimited number of computers, the 2014 version of software

The 2014 version of the software is included free, with unlimited number of installs on an unlimited number of devices. Please look at our in-depth blog article 2014 versus 2018 SCIO Software to see what’s different in the newer software (spoiler: It’s just the Rona signature added, and some more things in the Emotions NLP window).

Along with the usual programmes such as Emotions NLP, Risks Profile, Homeotoxicology and Timed Therapies, the following software are included FREE: 

+ 3D Bodyviewer
+ Iridology
+ Disease Dictionary
+ Quit Smoking
+ Quantum Prayer 

Yes, all those extra software are FREE and included with your purchase. To activate your software, a team member will remotely access your computer via AnyDesk.

Optional Software Upgrade

The new Pulsar software from Quantum Medical has now been made backwards compatible for SCIOs. In addition to an automatically generated PDF health report you can give your clients/patients, it features more auto programmes and smoother user experience such as less clicks in the System Power Settings dropdown in the main matrix.

You can try the Pulsar software FREE for six months. After that, there are the following price tiers to choose from:

  • £9/month for all software programmes and basic email support
  • £19/month for all the above, plus support via phone, Zoom, AnyDesk or Team Viewer
  • £49/month for all the above including priority support and free weekly webinar training (click here for examples)

You can have Pulsar and Clasp32 version 2014 installed on the same device. To download Pulsar, email us at: admin@ncet.co.uk.


There is a 24-month warranty from the manufacturer, Quantum Medical, on all new and unused SCIO devices. This is included in the Purchase Agreement signed prior to or upon payment in full or in part. (See “Background” below for details.)

If you’re buying a gently used SCIO or SCIO kit from us at The National Centre for Electromagnetic Therapies CIC, then the remainder of our warranty will be passed along to you.


Mandelay and their subsidiary Seriously Smart Technology cannot ship to the USA after being issued a warning letter from the Food & Drug Administration. (Click here to see it.) The company have not responded to our enquiries on whether this issue has been resolved.

The devices we sell can be shipped to all countries in the world. Shipping charges depend on your location and are subject to change, so please contact us for a current quote. You can expect shipping to cost approximately:

  • £40-£45 for North America, South America & Asia
  • £30 for the EU
  • £30 for the UK


Payment can be made by PayPal, debit card, credit card or bank transfer to our account in Sterling, Euros or US-Dollars.

We – not the manufacturer – do accept payment in installments. That’s because we understand financial struggles when living in the UK, and make every effort to help. We are currently the only brokers or sellers in the market to offer such generous and fair payment terms for this highly specialised medical equipment. We reserve the right to decline any sale agreements or plans to sell in installments for any reason.

We do not charge interest on monthly payments. Although we understand that with the UK rate of inflation being high the value of money erodes every year and every month, we consider charging interest an unfair ‘reprimand’ to those who are financially less well-off. Read our Ethics Statement for more.

We will ask for ID verification to be processed through our card payment processor, Stripe. And you’ll set up either a card payment or a standing order bank transfer for the monthly payments.

Additionally, we may ask for a credit check and electronically sign a Purchase Agreement.


You also have a guarantee that within the first 14 days after receiving your purchase you can return your SCIO if:

  • You suspect it’s been damage during transit / shipping.
  • You cannot work well with the software or it’s too complicated.
  • You have not attempted to alter, repair, adapt or damage anything on the device or electrodes.

You pay the return shipping, and when the SCIO is received by us and checked that everything is in working order, we refund your payment through the payment method you’ve previously used.

DISCLAIMER: This device is not a replacement for medical consultation, advice or treatment. Always consult your general practitioner or healthcare professional if you are seeking medical advice or medical treatment. These devices are sold under full warranty included in a written and signed Purchase Agreement upon sale. These devices were manufactured in 2016 and do no have current (2022) CE mark of conformity for sale in the European Union of United Kingdom. The CE mark of conformity requires renewal every three years, and the production of these devices has been discontinued. Although these are guaranteed, fully-working devices, they are therefore sold for ‘spares or repairs’ or for testing purposes including the software for full operation of the device. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Here is a user manual for the SCIO running Clasp64 software. You can find videos on how to use the Pulsar software here.

There are lots of free training and webinars available on the internet in addition.We have compiled a list of these and can send it to you after purchase.

We highly recommend finding a suitable trainer to ‘deep dive’ into the software, anatomy, pathology, nutrition, etc. and receive certified training, which usually last 50 or 100 hours. Contact us if you’d like to find a trainer. At NCET, we only train in staff we work with in our clinic or together on clinical trials.

Software Requirements to Run the SCIO on Your Own Computer:

  • Processor (CPU) required: Intel® Core™ i3, i5, or i7. Note: AMD and Celeron processors are not supported and will not allow the software to work smoothly. AMD and Celeron processors will let the software work for maybe 5-20 minutes before crashing and restarting is necessary. 
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): 8 GB or more 
  • Video Card: Intel HD 3000 or better, minimum 256 MB video RAM 
  • Storage (Hard Drive, or C: Disk): At least 30 GB available.
    Note: Hard Drive Disks that are not supported: RAID, SCSI, flash drives like USB sticks or external hard drives.  
  • Screen resolution: 1920 x1080 display resolution or higher 
  • Connection port: USB 2.0 or 3.0 (note: you’ll have to configure the port to COM1)
  • Operating System recommended: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
    Note: Apple and MacBook operating systems are not compatible 
  • Virus Protection: ESET Smart Security, ESET NOD32 Antivirus, Kaspersky
    Note: You may have to disable or delete your computer anti-virus for our Support Team to remotely access your computer for technical help using the software application AnyDesk 
  • An internet connection is needed for installing and activating the software. The Support Team will need to access your computer using AnyDesk to remotely control your computer for technical help and re-activation if needed. 

How Much Does a SCIO Device Cost?

Prices listed here are for new, unused SCIO devices including electrode harnesses, the software mentioned above, our generous returns policy and full warranty. Differences in prices are due to the fees we incur with different payment methods. Subject to change, and excluding shipping, prices are:

  • £4,900 via ebay which includes ebay’s listing fees. Sales outside the UK have taxes added automatically by ebay, we cannot change this.
  • £4,700 via PayPal with Buyer’s Protection for peace of mind that your purchase will arrive on time and in tact, including our generous 14-day returns policy.
  • £4,500 via bank transfer or card payment through our trusted card processor, Stripe.
  • £2,300 down payment via PayPal, credit card, debit card or bank transfer thereafter interest-free, no-fee monthly installments of at least £100 per month for the remainder of the balance – subject to our approval for payment in instalments.

Contact us for more information and to purchase a device. Let us know if you’d like to pay in installments, and whether you’d need additional training and support which can be found with a number of licensed trainers in Europe, Canada or the UK.

+44 3301 3301 83
+44 7394 870 156 (Kasey’s mobile, also on Telegram)