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Book a Therapy At Your Convenience

There are multiple ways you can receive therapy, be it ‘wired’ hooked up to the electrodes or ‘wireless’ by sending frequency waves through subspace.

1. In-Clinic

We currently have availability in The Practice Rooms in London. Please ring us on 03301 33 93 40 to enquire.

2. In Your Home

Due to availability we offer home visits on a very limited basis, in the Southwest and London areas. Please ask whether a device would be available as a rental with therapy conducted via remotely controlling the computer through the application AnyDesk:

3. Purchase a Device for Home Use

We no longer offer device rentals, however, we do include generous returns policies and money-back guarantees with the sale of a Nuclues, Ed.X or SCIO device. Please ask us about details and how you can best arrange healing for yourself and your loved ones. Training can be provided formally with certification or ‘a la carte’ in tandem with plenty of free videos and training materials.

4. Wireless / Distance

Arrange distance healing (best for small children), with the option to run basic sessions yourself with our automated distance therapy service. Contact one of our team for details:

Before You Book an Appointment

Please be mindfully aware of the following:

  • Let is us know if you have a pacemaker. Our electromagnetic therapy may interfere with its functionality, requiring a ‘re-set’.
  • Let us know if you would like us to take extra measures for mobility and sensory abilities, such as:
    • Wheelchair access (electric or non-electric)
    • Limited stair climbing
    • Limited walking, for example 20 paces on a flat surface (and also whether you / your carer holds a Blue Badge)
    • Auditory differences, for example being half-deaf of booking a session for your child who is young, bubbly, and unable to whisper very quietly while indoors for 60 minutes
    • If you’d like to bring the entire family (two parents, three siblings, a carer, the family dog, etc.) — everyone is very welcome, we simply need to book the largest room available and make sure we have all preparations in place
  • Wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing. The electrodes will be attached to your wrists, ankles and forehead.
  • Don’t wear make-up or moisturizer. The chemicals damage the electrodes more quickly than normal wear and tear.
  • You might be very sleepy after your session. After your appointment, please rest and gradually return to your ‘daily life’. It’s recommended to make space in your schedule in case your body and mind need space to ‘re-adjust’, regardless of the focus of your session.
  • Don’t arrive early. If you’re too late or too early, please ring the mobile number of your therapist, not our general enquiries line 03301 33 93 40 as we cannot guarantee an answer quickly.

Terms & Conditions of Your Appointment

  1. Re-schedule or cancel with 48 hours’ notice, and a full refund will be issued. With less than 48 hours’ notice, £25 admin fee will be taken.
  2. If you’re a ‘no-show’ — which means not showing up to your appointment without prior notification — we could retain up to the full amount of your appointment price at our discretion. We do understand that during these uncertain times unforeseen events can arise. Please make every effort to inform us and we will do our best to be accommodating.
  3. Prepare for your appointment: Keep an eye out for an email asking you to follow our current COVID Practices; Wear loose, warm clothing (no leggings, as the electrodes need to attach to your ankles as well as wrists); Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment (being on time is preferable).

Medical Disclaimer

Please read our full Medical disclaimer HERE. We do not replace medical care or advice. Please consult your General Practitioner.

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