About The National Centre for ElectroMagnetic Therapies CIC

The National Centre for Electro-Magnetic Therapies (NCET) Community Interest Company (CIC) is a not-for-profit company providing assistance and services in key areas surrounding ElectroMagnetic (EM) healthcare:

  • Providing therapy
    Our staff render therapy in-clinic, in home visits or by distance broadcasting
  • Providing trusted advice and information
    We publish non-biased information on advancements in the field of EM medicine, summaries of interventional studies (or ‘clinical trials’) and explanatory reviews of technology employed in electromagnetic healthcare approved for home use as well as in hospitals and clinics
  • Clinical trials
    Assisting with, leading and/or sponsoring clinical trials (also called “interventional studies”) in the area of EM healthcare
  • Brokerage of sales
    As we are a 100% self-funded not-for-profit, this revenue stream provides a form of subsidy for provision of therapy for those who are under financial and economic duress.

The NCET was founded in 2018 by Kasey Naví Phifer, Director and sole employee at that time. We’ve managed to survive the turmoil of multiple lockdowns and economic uncertainty through the Corona Virus Years. Not only was this a difficult time for charities, but as a completely self-funded organization we felt the shock waves ripple through the heart of the community we serve, most of which are persons vulnerable to economic uncertainty and social isolation due to health concerns.

A patient receiving PEMF therapy in one of our Bristol locations.

Our Values

Our Vision

Much like paracetamol or purified drinking water, electromagnetic medicine will be found in every home.

Our Mission Statement

It is our mission to make EM healthcare broadly accessible, which means affordable as well as practical to use and easy to understand.

Our Key Values

1. Affordability

Many people in need of PEMF therapy cannot afford to purchase a device of their own, given that most devices cost between £5,500-£20,000. If a person is chronically ill, on benefits due to ill health and job loss, or financially struggling, then making such a large purchase is simply out of the question.This is why we provide affordable therapy sessions. We do not enforce block session booking, and instead promote singular sessions as and when they are needed by a patient.

Our Research and Clinical Trials are published with the aim of expanding the use of Electro-Magnetic Therapies, with a primary goal to become subsidised by the NHS, thus allowing many more individuals to recieve this treatment for free whilst proving a transparent, cost-effective healthcare solution for healthcare providors within the NHS.

Read more in our blog post HERE about how we make every effort to provide affordable access to these valuable therapies and treatments.

2. Accessibility

We understand that many of our patients are dealing with symptoms that can prevent them from travelling long distances. We therefore have begun to expand our services beyond our ‘home-base’ in Bristol. NCET can provide PEMF therapy at external practice locations in Glastonbury and London.

Some of our staff are able to conduct home visits, please contact us below for details.

As our company continues to grow, we hope to increase our trained therapy staff, and therefore our reach. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to recieve therapy should they choose to, and this core belief pushes us to become more accessible with every passing year.

3. Duty of Care

We believe that all patients should be treated with respect, attention, and empathy. Our patients come from all walks of life, with rich experiences and viewpoints. We do not discriminate against class, race, ethnicity, or any other factor. All patients are welcomed and valued by our dedicated staff, and this will remain our core value within every therapeutic session we conduct.

Please read our Ethics Statement and Vulnerable Person’s Statement for more information.

We support the British Holistic Medical Association and our Director of Operations, Kasey, is a proud member of the Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club, having been bestowed a Paul Harris Award for outstanding contributions.

4. Transparancy & Results

Electro-Magnetic Therapy is a non-invasive therapy that can treat a wide array of illnesses and symptoms. PEMF Therapy has been shown time and again to improve health through healthy cell regeneration. Conditions helped through PEMF therapy include fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, & various allergies.

However, we understand that some people may be skeptical. This is why we have a dedicated research team who are constantly updating our Research & Articles page with current developments within the PEMF community. We carefully disseminate and cross-reference research related to different symptoms that can be treated by Electro-Magnetic Therapy. This clarity and transparency surrounding the work we undertake at NCET strengthens the relationship we have with all clients, and ensures an honest approach to the work we undertake.

Our Funding

Although we refer to ourselves as completely self-funded, we have received the following aid:

  • Limited lockdown grants through North Somerset City Council, which we have used to fund two clinical trials as lead sponsor/investigator
  • Two part-time staff paid for six months each under the Kickstart Scheme

We have applied for funding through various sources, however, we would prefer funding from public bodies or upstanding charities. Our strict ethical structure makes private funding unviable, as most investors choose for-profit, Limited companies with intransparent financial records and no limit to profit incentives. As a CIC, we are limited in how much profit we can pay out in dividends, which makes our ethics unattractive to nearly all investors.

Currently we are Schedule 2, meaning we do not pay out any dividends to individuals, and none to companies that are not asset-locked (e.g. charitable bodies). Even our asset lock is undesirable for capitalist investors as well.

Our Staff

At the core of NCET is a dedicated team who bring passion, care, attention, and perseverance into the work we undertake. We believe by providing EM Therapies to a wider public, we are allowing individuals to take back control in order to lead more fulfilling lives.

If you wish to get in contact with our team, please contact admin@ncet.co.uk, or give us a call on: 03301 33 93 40.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us at the above details. While we do not have available positions open at this time, we would keep your details on file for future reference.

Kasey Naví Phifer headshot 11.2023

Kasey Naví Phifer, Director

Kasey studied a B.A. in International Business at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin. During that time she began studying Electromagnetic Therapy under Maurizio Strazzeri and other non-machine-based healing modalities under other tutilage.

Kasey has been the lead sponsor and, as Director of the NCET, lead investigator in two clinical trials.

Kasey’s Contact Information

  • knp@ncet.co.uk
  • kasey@quantum-medical.eu
  • +44 3301 33 93 40
  • +40 7527 88044
  • Languages: German, English

Peter Ugocean, Director

Peter has been developing software for most of his life, and has spent most of the past decade also engineering compatible hardware. He works closely with Quantum Medical Limited, a company based in Romania that 3D prints devices used in clinic at the NCET.

He joined the NCET as Director with two-fifths voting rights in early 2022.

Peter’s Contact Details

  • info@quantum-medical.eu
  • +40 731 073 711
  • Languages: English, Romanian, Hungarian, German

Linda LoCurto, Biofeedback Practitioner

Linda has been working with machine-based and other types of energy healing since 2015 and acquired a SCIO device of her own in 2021. She has qualified as a Biofeedback Specialist under the training of Kasey Naví Phifer in June 2022.

Linda’s Contact Details

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish

Aled Slade, Research Assistant

Aled graduated from the University of Oxford and completed a six-month stint with the NCET under the Kickstart Scheme. Aled is currently a valued team member assisting on a freelance basis in clinical research and writing summary articles of third-party studies in the website’s Research & Articles Section.

His work includes creating articles and blogs relating to Electro-Magnetic Therapy developments in the wider world, and how it can treat a wide array of diseases and symptoms. His detailed approach allows the NCET to disseminate crucial information to the general public, and keep people informed of new research as it emerges.

Aled’s Contact Information

  • admin@ncet.co.uk (also for editorial enquiries and guest blog posts)

Language: English