Treatments & Therapies Available

Although electromagnetic therapies can have a wide range of application, in our small Centre we focus on only a few key areas in order to best serve our community with the resources available to us.

Click HERE to read more about PEMF therapy. Click HERE to view our Prices & Fees. Bespoke sessions with Kasey are the most expensive because her time is quite limited. However, she does offer one ‘pro-bono’ (or ‘donate-what-you-can’) slot at a time. Additionally there are more affordable rates for booking in with student practitioners. We’ll be signing up for a Barter System (SilvaTree) soon. Read more about how we make every effort possible to help you afford therapy by clicking HERE.

Therapies Available in Our Clinics

1. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Trauma

Read our articles on PTSD and Electromagnetic therapy HERE. Also, read about our pilot study on PTSD and Trauma in 2021 HERE.

Keep in mind that these therapies – although absolutely safe – are still being researched; Their efficacy isn’t proven enough yet in clinical trials for us to make claims to ‘cure’ or treat. Read more in our Dislaimer.

Book a session below — discounts for student therapist sessions are available.

2. Anxiety

Read more about the many various symptoms that Anxiety can have HERE. Although some symptoms of Anxiety were markers in our clinical trials, we still don’t have ample clinical evidence to make claims to ‘cure’ or treat. The best thing to do is book in a session and experience this new kind of therapy for yourself, to see whether it works well for you.

Book a session below — discounts for student therapist sessions are available.

3. Hormone Balancing

Imbalanced hormones can take many forms; The endocrine system is quite complex. Especially if you are experiencing migraines, sudden weight loss/gain, or heart palpitations — PLEASE ring your GP immediately. The NHS is free, so please always ask your doctor about any health issues you may be having. We aren’t a replacement for medical advice or medical treatment — more common sense reminders can be found in our Disclaimer.

We have seen success in balancing hormones, most especially in women — however, these haven’t been in a clinical trial. All we can offer is an approximation based upon our prior experience: Most hormone imbalances can be corrected in 2-5 regular sessions.

What kind of hormone imbalances could be corrected? Here are some of the symptoms:

  • Sudden hair loss
  • Early menopause
  • Heavy, painful or irregular menstruation (or ‘periods’)
  • Insomnia (read more HERE)
  • Mood swings, irrational outbursts or erratic behaviour (for example crying randomly without valid reason)

Again, please consult your General Practitioner before booking in a session with us. We cannot diagnose, and we want to make absolutely certain that you’ve first ruled out anything that could be more serious.