NCET Stands with BHMA

As NCET continues to grow, it is important that we recognise other companies who share our ideals, values, and hopes for the future. The British Association for Holistic Medicine and Healthcare are a perfect example of a company we align ourselves with.

Note: NCET is not officially affiliated with BHMA, nor are a partner or cooperative partner. However, we fully support their ideas, goals, and vision.

The BHMA (British Holistic Medical Association) have nearly 40 years’ experience of researching and publishing studies, theories, and practices related to biosciences and holistic approaches. They run a journal, entitled Holistic Healthcare which details new developments in holistic therapies. You can find out more about the BHMA by following the link HERE.

What Are The Values We Share?

  1. Both NCET and BHMA recognise that healthcare is in a crisis currently. The ever-changing, fast-paced nature of our world, fuelled by social media, climate change, lack of NHS funding, and increased poverty, has meant that new and affordable treatments are needed more than ever. As BHMA states – ‘the process of change will force us to rethink health and healthcare’.To do so, NCET believe in providing affordable bioresonance treatment to those who desperately need it. By working with local communities in the Bristol area, we are bringing effective therapy to a wide group of individuals who would struggle to gain access through conventional means (namely the NHS).
  2. The BHMA places an emphasis on the individual. In cases of ill health, we often receive standardised treatment that becomes a part of a diagnosis/solution line of thought without much regard to the individual. This often leads to the negating of individuality and the context of the lives we lead. In most cases further treatment is needed to help heal the mind and body, not just the specific illness. Specific types of illnesses also have wider environmental and lifestyle impacts, with the BHMA highlighting diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and increasing mental health issues.NCET seek to fill this gap left by the NHS for many patients. Giving patients the opportunity to focus on their specific ailments allows a chance for personal healing. Our sessions provide a space of confidentiality, openness, mindfulness, and most importantly, healing. Our SCIO devices highlights the body and mind for treatment, allowing for a personalised therapeutic session that targets the problems you have, rather than generalised treatment.
  3. The BHMA firmly believes in sharing resources with other holistic companies across the UK, whilst emphasising a move away from over prescription medications and instead focussing on healthcare with core values on the individual. With clearer education available to both practitioners and patients, the BHMA hope for a more accessible and affordable approach to healthcare.These values are exactly why NCET are proud to align themselves with BHMA. We constantly strive to improve our own practitioners through self-treatment and care, therefore building a resilience and well-being that we can pass onto our patients. We provide therapy that shows individuals that there is optimism in the future and that they can live their lives to the fullest. We consider that everyone comes from different walks of life, with unique backgrounds and lifestyle choices, and therefore adapt the treatment as appropriate. By focussing on the individual, we allow them to achieve the best results possible.

Our New Practitioner – Carlo!

Our dedication to these values is shown more recently through our new practitioner in training, Carlo. He has received his PEMF therapist qualification on 14th January 2022 after being an understudy of our Lead Practitioner, Kasey Phifer. Every practitioner is fully trained and aware of the values we hold at the centre of our company and reflect these through every session they conduct. If you would like to learn more about NCET’s Ethics Statement, please click HERE.

If you are interested in booking a session with us, please follow the link HERE to send an enquiry. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by emailing, or giving us a call on 03301 301 83.