PEMF Therapy Improves Symptoms of Depression

A study by the University of Southern Denmark in 2017 revealed the benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy in treating symptoms of depression. The study used PEMF equipment that created electrical impulses of 220V and used a helmet with 7 electrical coils attached to administer the treatment.

52 participants had two sessions a week, with each session consisting of 30 minutes of therapy. The patients were allowed to read, eat, or relax during treatment, and are fully aware of the study they are partaking in.

To measure changes in symptoms of depression, the study used the Hamilton Depression Scale as their Primary Outcome Measure. This is the most common questionnaire that evaluates feelings relating to depression, rated on a scale. They also monitored Life Quality, Side Effects, and Response & Remission as Secondary Outcome Measures.

The results found that PEMF therapy had a ‘potential beneficial role’ in the treatment of depression, especially in cases of treatment-resistant patients. The study found:

  • The baseline of the Hamilton Depression Scale decreased significantly during the trial
  • 49 patients had a reduction of 50% or more on the Hamilton Depression Scale
  • 30 patients had remission from depression during the trial

This recent study has highlighted the key benefits of ongoing PEMF therapy in providing non-invasive treatment for depression, without the need for pharmaceutical medication.

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