Vulnerable Children and Persons’ Statement

Kasey Navi Phifer has extensive experience working with vulnerable people in the local community. Her work with the Bristol Rotary Club has allowed her to reach out to under-privileged and low-income families. Such work has included fundraising for schoolchildren who required Chromebooks or tablets during the COVID-19 pandemic, so as not to miss out on crucial educational development. Over 700,000 children do not have access to an electronic learning device at home (National Office for Statistics, 2019), so the Bristol Rotary Club fundraised enough money to provide 60 laptops and tablets to children in need within the Bristol area. Bristol Rotary Club continue to fundraise into 2021 in order to provide families with digital learning and equal opportunities.

With a focus on diversity and inclusion, the Bristol Rotary Club tries to reach out to individuals who are at a higher risk of exclusion due to socio-economic conditions. Through this, Kasey was determined to provide equal access and duty of care to various minorities within Bristol, including families from Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds. Further work for vulnerable persons by the Rotary Club include worldwide funding for eradicating Polio and providing vocational courses for children in Nepal.

This focus on helping vulnerable patients translates seamlessly to our work at the NCET. Lead Practitioner Kasey holds a DBS certificate, allowing her to make home visits to vulnerable people, whilst also allowing her to receive patients at her own clinic. Her work at NCET provides alternate therapies seeking to relieve a variety of ailments through Electromagnetic Therapy, also known as Bio-Resonance. These include treatments for Lyme disease, hormonal imbalances, and allergy desensitisation.

We take great care in ensuring that we follow a strict safeguarding procedure with all our clients. To protect our clients and ourselves we report acts of abuse through a recorded safeguarding report, as well as having close contact with local authorities. As per government requirements, our therapists have their DBS status updated every two years to ensure we continue to follow the correct procedures and guidelines for safety. All of this is to ensure our therapy sessions are conducted in a safe, secure, and friendly manner for all parties involved.

We believe that everyone should have access to alternative therapies, regardless of background or ethnicity. By providing affordable, accessible care, we hope to assist patients from all walks of life, as nobody should be denied the opportunity for treatment.

Our Lead Practitioner Kasey is responsible for maintaining and updating this statement. She is available for contact on the following:


Phone: 03301 3301 83