The World’s First Portable Med Bed 

Formerly only available for the elite, super-rich and only dreamed of or whispered about: this powerful, advanced healing technology is actually available RIGHT NOW for regular people.  

You don’t need to study a PhD in advanced quantum physics, nor have a degree in Biophotonics or Anatomy & Physiology or even Pathology. 


Because of the in-built Artificial Intelligence guiding the system. 

These machines can scan, diagnose, and treat – all you have to do is rock up and plug yourself in for an hour or so each day. 

Med Beds are truly wonders of modern medicine. They’re heralded as “sci-fi frequency medicine of the future” because they scan, diagnose, treat and even prevent developing illnesses AUTOMATICALLY. 

If you’re new to this whole field of medicine, then we’ll take it slow and from the beginning. In this post, we’ll cover: 

  1. What Med Beds are 
  2. What Med Beds can cure / treat 
  3. Who invents and manufactures them (hint: it’s not us!) 
  4. How you can buy, rent or try one 

1. What Are Med Beds?

If you haven’t already heard of a Med Bed, they are also sometimes referred to as a Medical Treatment Pod, a Holographic Medical Treatment Pod or Quantum Healing Bed. They almost look like MRI machines or CT scanning machines, these huge coffin-like pods that a fully grown adults can lay inside of and receive healing energy. 

Med Beds are essentially a bed, pod or cocoon that is a place of full healing and recovery that uses built-in technology. It is suggested that military technology is being used to repair and recover soldiers, and that this technology has slowly become accessible to the public in recent years.

Watch the video below for a bit more information about med bed technology.

What Med Beds Are NOT:

It’s NOT an electric medical bed.

Regular medical beds have been used by hospitals, chiropractors, and other health specialists for centuries. Those are electrical and often can be ergonomically adjusted up or down for the patient’s comfort. Recently there have been electric “smart beds” that monitor blood pressure, heart beat rate or other basic vital signs of the patient to alert medical staff if there is an emergency developing. However, these are simply beds for a patient to recover, like what you would own at home. 

Med beds are NOT smart beds.

This is quantum technology to heal the body actively using artificial intelligence.

2. How Do Med Beds Work?

Let’s start at the beginning with quantum physics: Wave-Particle Duality states that every ‘thing’ — all matter — is particles in oscillation (that is, moving back and forth rapidly). That oscillation looks basically like a sine wave from Trigonometry or Calculus class — like a radio wave would look when drawn onto paper.

Now here’s the brilliant discovery — everything has a unique wave pattern.

By measuring the oscillation of particles — that is, the frequency of those particles — we can differentiate between hair, skin tissue, liver tissue, viruses, bacteria, etc.

Because all matter is vibration (oscillation), the vibration is what we measure to ‘know’ a thing.

Rather than looking at a blood sample under a microscope, we would simply measure the vibrations emanating from a person or an object to then ‘know’ what that object is.

Countless Hours of Research

It has taken an incredible amount of time and energy in researching the tech behind med beds. It’s not easy to measure minuscule wave lengths and frequencies, especially when there is so much interference from 5G, 4G, wifi, radios, televisions, electric lighting and even geopathic stress.

That has all been accommodated for in our med bed prototype — right in calibration, you can detect and correct geopathic stress. You can run an orgone generator to shield your practice room from negative entities and energies.

But How Does a Med Bed Heal?

In a word, through entrainment. Entrainment is when two frequencies align.

After decades of research, it’s been proven that the most effective entrainment method is a square wave form with 50% duty cycle. Sometimes sawtooth or sine waves are used as well. The good thing about the artificial intelligence is that you don’t have to select the wave form, amps or volts yourself — you can let the artificial intelligence do its work.

If a liver is suffering from Hepatitis A for example, the treatment would go like this:

  1. Scan the body — problem detected in the liver, because its frequencies are not at the level they should be.
  2. Further analysis reveals that the liver is weakened and there is the presence of the virus Hepatitis A and that the person has uncontrollable fits of rage — likely stemming from PTSD or trauma experienced in childhood.
  3. Treatment then is as follows: “Shatter” the Hep A virus through frequency emission. It doesn’t need to be local because low voltage waves travel through skin — being 70% water, our bodies conduct electricity and electromagnetic waves very well.
  4. Then, send in frequencies of healthy liver cells.
  5. Next, treat the trauma which causes the anger — treatments involve activating the vagus nerve, releasing tension from the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, releasing karma (constantly over days or weeks). Remember that in Traditional Chinese Medicine everything is connected, and the liver ‘governs’ or is paired with the emotion anger.

Hundreds of conditions and infections have been mapped in a database containing 11,000+ unique frequency patterns.

Then, hundreds of algorithms have been created to analyse the scan results, find correlations and pinpoint root causes of diseases — and then render treatment.

What Can Med Beds Cure? 

It’s been said that Med Beds can cure, reverse or help with:  

  • Bone and Muscle Repair
  • Ageing  
  • Mental Illnesses such as PTSD, Depression, Trauma, & Anxiety by resetting or releasing emotional trauma and fear 
  • Curing diseases by rejuvenating cells and promoting healthy cell regeneration  
  • Curing allergies and sensitivities  
  • Promoting calmness and peace
  • Helping with severe fatigue
  • Re-growing limbs
  • Repairing DNA and RNA
  • Detoxing from heavy metals 

Whilst research on Med Beds has proven to be limited currently — with many believing Western militaries are withholding the key technology – people researching and developing this advanced tech are kept under strict “gag order” or silenced by advertising laws. (More about that later.) 

Why isn’t this tech in every hospital?! 

Well… there are ample theories as to why. Maybe Big Pharma has kept it quiet, maybe the ‘powers that rule the world’ want to keep people ill and therefore easier to control. Or maybe they’re just too expensive.

At any rate, it’s not worth getting upset about conjectures and it’s not worth crying over spilled milk. 

Finally, we have access to this technology and WE ARE SHARING IT WITH YOU. 

And making it affordable. For real.

We are risking a lot putting this out there, so keep reading and you’ll find out why we are telling you about the med beds we use in a discreet, almost secretive manner.

Click on the button below to see a long list of ailments that these portable med beds can cure.

The World’s First PORTABLE Med Bed

What I never understood was why the Med Beds that we know of are huge. It’s been proven that low-voltage, high frequency electromagnetic waves travel along the skin. After all, our bodies are 70% water and water conducts electricity. 

So why the high voltage? Why all the muscle? 

That comes from an old way of thinking, that ‘might makes right’. 

In fact, healing doesn’t come from a big powerful blow to the head. Healing is a subtle, gentle and deep process. And it’s never repeated exactly the same. 

The only ‘powerful’ thing about healing comes through the endocrine system, like the pineal gland opening up and connecting our God-consciousness to the Greater One and All. 

It’s ridiculous that we’d have to put ourselves in a pod or coffin-like cocoon in order to heal our body all-over. It suffices just to have electrodes on a few places of the body, sending in frequencies, and the body will naturally transmit the frequencies throughout the rest of the body. 

It’s science. Let’s stop thinking like cavemen (and cavewomen) and work with what has been tested and developed over thousands of hours of research. 

Full Equipment Set-Up 1

The picture above is of a SCIO device, the older technology. That picture shows you everything you need to cure…. well, everything. 

The inventor designed it to be portable, to use on-the-go and in small spaces. 

The inventor actually worked on the infamous Apollo 13 space mission. For real, she / he is a brilliant mad scientist with unbelieveable skills in three-dimensional mathematics. That person gave birth to an amazing technology, a huge advancement in quantum healing, also called Frequency Medicine.

The device below is the Nucleus, the newest technology using 3D mathmatical calculations for trivector analysis of patients in real time. (Think of it like harmonic thirds, but too high in timbre for the human ear to hear, but we can still feel them.)

3. Who Invented Med Beds?

The portable med beds that we use in our clinic and in our rental programme are based upon the originals invented by Professor William Nelson. (Our rental programme is UK only right now, but do contact us and we’ll see how we can help.) Professor Nelson was born and raised in the USA, is quite the ‘Wunderkind’ and ended up being driven out of the USA by the FDA and legal bullshit, essentially.

True to the ‘mad scientist’ cliché, he is now a ‘she’ and makes YouTube videos of herself singing country Western songs for her new wife (who was also born a man) and is about half her age. 

I’ve trained with this new wife, she’s such a sweet and kind-hearted person. And I’ve had some phone calls with the inventor who has a silky-smooth, rich baritone voice. I now work with the company of Professor Nelson’s ex-wife who passed away early 2022. I respect all the creators and practitioners in this field – but I personally find that I can only work well with certain types of clear-minded people. 

Let’s face it, the world is still waking up. Transgender people are still being murdered just because they’re “different”. A transgender genius knows how to keep herself alive and safe (fleeing the USA and the FDA to live in a 2nd world country), but her inventions won’t ever be mainstream until people wake up and realise that love is love, and violence is never okay. 

Below is a picture of the inventor, just in case you were curious what he/she looks like.

Don’t waste your money on supplements or other therapies. 

This is all you need. 

By tapping into the CORE, the heart of the matrix, you can re-create literally every thing that is measurable on this planet: Love, viruses, bacteria, patented pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs, anything…. if you can put it on the test tray for the machine to “read”, then you’ve got those frequencies stored in the system and can send them into your body through electrodes. Or, you can imprint those frequencies onto distilled, de-ionized water – thereby making your own water medicine. 

If you have solar panels and a bit of land, you can definitely be self-sustainable using this machine. You don’t have to buy expensive supplements, you don’t have to worry about contamination or impurity of supplements/vitamins/minerals and you can even go farther than any other alternative medicine known to mankind by even re-structuring your DNA and chromosomes. 

Yes, I’ve successfully cured a rare genetic condition called Prater-Willi-Syndome. Watch the video of the talk I gave online to a private group of ‘elite’ individuals: Click here for the DNA-repair case study in a presentation.

Click here for a brief, advanced-level sneak-peek into the software and how to cure broken, damaged or missing DNA, RNA and nutritional absorption of acids needed to synthesize the building blocks of life.

SCIO Devices: A MedBed Prototype

Our Scientific Consciousness I O device is the foundation of the therapy we provide at NCET.

The SCIO device is an FDA-Approved Type II Device which works with Artificial Intelligence to adjust pulsed electromagnetic frequencies into the body – this is more commonly known as PEMF therapy. In short, the SCIO Device scans the body for inconsistencies and ailments, and adjusts the voltage required for treatment accordingly. These PEMF waves are delivered through a set of harnesses, attaching to the forehead, wrists, and ankles, respectively. You can find more information and pictures on our homepage. 

How Are SCIOs Similar To a MedBed?  

Proving that the SCIO can treat each disease of hundreds that are known to mankind takes a LOT of time, energy and money. We’re talking millions, literally, and we don’t have that kind of money.

There are far more clinical trials and evidence to show the benefits of PEMF therapy with other devices including SCIOs and the later models. You can view a full list of PEMF applications via our Research and Articles page.

Nucleus Devices: A Portable Med Bed with an Addition

There is a more modern, advanced version of a SCIO-type device on the market; it is called The Nucleus. Its technical specifications far surpass any other machine of its kind — you can find a tech spec comparison here.

The Nucleus runs on software named Pulsar. It features a complete health scan report, automated programmes to increase nutritional absorption, balance hormones, and treat hundreds more ailments.

The Problem with Interference

Anyone who works in (tele)communication or music / audio technics knows that there is feedback, noise and interference when sending a signal – or alternatively, when reading a signal.

This is why classic med beds are shaped like a big tube or massive coffin. The large bubble surrounding the patient cancels out interference or noise from external forces, such as black magic and psychic attack.

However, it is simply not practical to travel around with an extremely large tube. Neither would it practically fit in any average British house or flat. This is where we received a break-through download from the Universal beings that are assisting us with this technology. Instead of using a tube to cancel out interference or create silence in which to hold the session, we use a kind of ‘shell’ of electromagnetic ‘ray’ to block negative (harmful, not life-giving) astral and psychic influences.

By combining the distance healing ‘shield’ that runs 24/7 along with the physical device for treatments, you can literally travel anywhere and adapt to any situation or climate. All you need is a bit of electricity for the Nucleus device and your computer – which hopefully is powered by your own off-grid solar panel.

COMING SOON – The 24/7 negative energy / psychic attack shielding service is coming soon. Ask us for more information:

Try Before You Buy

At NCET we pride ourselves on putting the community at the heart of what we do. We see hundreds of individuals seeking treatment that can help them, where the traditional medical system has let them down. This is why we offer PEMF sessions in clinic at an affordable and sometimes discounted rate if we have student practitioners in training. Visit our Appointment Booking Page for details.

Come in for a Therapy Session

If you’re based in the UK Southwest, book in a therapy session at one of our locations. You can experience the device first-hand, under the guidance of a licenced and fully-trained therapist.

You can also rent one of these devices — again, they are only available in the UK and we do have a limited number due to the careful support and time we give to rental users.

You can also buy one of these devices

Money-Back Guarantee When You Buy a Portable Med Bed

We don’t sell these machines, and neither do we manufacture them. However, to prevent the manufacturer’s time from being wasted, we ‘screen’ anyone who wants a device. We just want to check you’re a real person and not someone working for the FDA who will then use it improperly, claim it damaged their GI tract so now they shit out rainbows every Tuesday, and then sue the manufacturer.

If our manufacturer is burdened by idiots and evil-doers from nasty ol’ Big Pharma, then that means we don’t get replacement parts or new devices to work with. So, that’s why we want to protect the hand that feeds us!

Free 30-Day Returns or Replacements

If your device is faulty, simply return it within the first 30 days and you have two options.

1. Get a replacement device. The manufacturer will pay the shipping costs.

2. Get your money back — BUT the manufacturer will keep enough money to cover shipping costs.

Returns if the Device isn’t Faulty But Your Brain Is

However, if you’re just a numpty who can’t plug the device in correctly despite us showing you three different times — oh trust me, there are real idiots out there, and that has happened before! — then you can return the device and we’ll keep the amount that we would charge for renting it for that time period.

Just because some people are idiots, doesn’t mean we treat them unfairly.

If they used the device for a month and say it doesn’t work and they want to return it, then they can pay for shipping costs and the full amount of purchase less the rental costs for that month will be returned.


£16,000excl. VAT
  • Gold-plated for highest accuracy
  • COVID-19 signature included
  • PDF printouts of health reports covering vitamin/mineral deficiencies, viruses, bacteria and more information
  • Includes electrodes and built-in Tesla coils
  • Includes full support and training from manufacturer
  • Includes new laptop and hard-sided case


£6,500excl. VAT
  • Silver plating on copper
  • No COVID treatments
  • Still includes DNA repair, vaccination disease treatment and auto-programmes to cure Bio Warfar diseases
  • Includes electrodes
  • Includes User Manual and Treatment Guidebook
  • Bring your own laptop


£500per month
  • Rent the Prototype with a fully equipped kit
  • Pay extra for 1-on-1 therapy given by a fully-trained and licensed expert
  • Available in the UK only (for now)
  • Includes re-furbished electrodes…. it’s a rental, and they ain’t been gentle!
  • Includes User Manual and Treatment Guidebook
  • Includes used laptop and hard-sided case

If any of these options interest you, please get in touch with our Lead Practitioner, Kasey, on, or give us a call on 03301 3301 83.

There might be second-hand devices available if you cannot afford the prices above. There are always options to help you out financially too, for example purchasing 50% down and paying the rest in monthly installments. Or, you can look for an interest-free credit card to make a purchase. Ask the manufacturer about that when we put you in touch with them.