The development of electromagnetic therapies can arguably have started with the theory of Radionics. Radionics follows the principle that diseases and ailments can be cured through the application of electromagnetic radiation through an electrically powered device. As many of you will be familiar, this is explained through using radio waves and electromagnetic currents to stimulate and promote healing and growth within the body.

Radionics was developed by Albert Abrams in the early 20th Century, culminating in two books published in 1909 and 1910. To encourage the wider use of Radionics, and therefore Electromagnetic Therapy, Abrams began creating and selling EMT devices which he had created himself. He noticed that individuals with more negative health problems tended to exhibit different frequencies when compared to a healthier individual. It is also important to note that Abrams used the term ‘frequency’ to describe energy types, and not in the standard meaning used by the wider scientific community.

Since Abrams’ creation of EMT devices, Electromagnetic Therapy has continued to develop strength to strength. Within the U.K. itself is a dedicated community aiming to deliver Radionic therapy through many different means. With further study, Radionics are shown to restore, realign, and bring balance to the flow of energy within the body, relating to chakras, emotional and environmental traumas, shock, accidents, and further health problems. It is also able to be used on animals and plants, according to some Radionic practitioners. Usually treatment begins with a sample from the patient, be it a lock of hair or even a small parchment of paper with handwritten notes on it. Corrective energies are then established by the practitioner in order to help the patient. A clear benefit of Radionics is that it offers a pre-emptive therapy for the individual. Having regular sessions act as a preventative measure against negative health problems, and instead promote a better state of lifestyle and general wellbeing.

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Bicom Devices

Bicom devices are another example of the worldwide reach and application of Electromagnetic Therapies. Manufactured in Germany, Bicom Devices are used by trained practitioners rather than for public consumption. Bicom Devices also differ from a lot of other devices on the market as they are calibrated to order, meaning that potential customers have to fill out extensive forms in order for the manufacturers to calibrate the machines to the demands of the customers’ needs.

Features include multi-channel frequencies, acupuncture, a wide range of homeopathic remedies, a Schumann Generator, and over 1300 therapy treatments. Newer models feature extensive programmes available on laptops or PCs in order to further highlight potential health issues in patients. Other models include portable devices for travelling therapists, as well as a wide range of accessories.

Whilst Bicom Devices are a cornered market, NCET are proud to state that we offer a similar product to the general public. Our SCIO devices run identical to the Bicom Machines. SCIO devices scan the body for ailments and issues, and then automatically remedies them. SCIO devices also offer preventative therapies, and the individual has full control over what treatments they choose.

We believe in highlighting all the options for Electromagnetic Therapies across the globe. After all, we are one large community seeking to help each other out. By highlighting the Bicom machine we openly show what options are available to both practitioners and the general public alike. We are not affiliated with Bicom Devices.

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Dr. Hulda Clark

To conclude this blog post, we would like to take a moment to look at an individual within the Bioresonance world, rather than a company or product. Dr. Hulda Clark was Naturopath – someone who believed all human disease is caused by parasitic infection. She achieved her doctorate through the University of Minnesota, graduating in physiology. Her focus on particular cancers led her to develop research throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s into parasites, bacteria, fungi, and radioactive substances.

Dr. Clark always believed in awareness of everyday factors impacting on an individuals health. She also advocated the use of essential oils, and more importantly, electromagnetic frequency therapy. She lobbied for self-help, believing a healthier life can be achieved through home-use therapies, rather than a reliance on the state health system. She created many inventions of which she sold, including the Zapper, Syncrometer, Plate-Zapper, and Homeography. She also published 8 books concerning cancer and other ailments, and the correct treatments for them.

Dr. Clark’s inventions work similar to the SCIO devices we offer at NCET. The Zapper sought to scan the body for negative frequencies by locking onto radio waves and specific frequencies known for creating issues in patients. The Zapper was to be used in tandem with the Syncrometer, which conducted a more thorough scan of the body and mind. In short, the Syncrometer scanned for negative frequencies, and the Zapper targeted and removed them.

Dr. Clark passed away in 2009, but her work and inventions are still being sold to this day. If you are interested in the work or inventions created by Dr. Clark, we recommend you trying out our own SCIO devices, which offer the same therapy and treatment as the Zapper and Syncrometer. You can get in touch with us for a initial trial run at or giving us a call on 03301 3301 83. We look forward to chatting with you soon!