NCET Supports Rotary

It is no secret that NCET have always been supporters of the Rotary Club, seeing as our Director Kasey Phifer is a member of the Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club. She was also awarded the Paul Harris Fellow Awardee in 2021 which recognises individuals who have contributed their time, effort, and finances to the continuation of the Rotary Club International. It is an award of high distinction that recognises a dedicated service to their local community through their Rotary Club. It is safe to say that Kasey wears this pin with utmost pride!

However, being a Rotarian is nothing new to Kasey’s family. Kasey’s mother and grandmother were also Rotarians, helping in the USA for decades previously. These ideals of ‘service above self’ have been instilled in Kasey since she was young. Kasey has always believed in dedicating herself towards helping people, the environment, and animals.

These values are at the core of the work we conduct at NCET. Kasey has provided in-home SCIO sessions for many years, and constantly tries to offer affordable healthcare to individuals. She is attuned to the different circumstances of every person she treats and offers her own expertise to maximise the efficiency of every therapeutic session she conducts. In her personal life she has volunteered at many charitable events such as food banks, free translation services, and large donations to Bristol charities.

To list these acts is not to be indulgent, but rather show the dedication Kasey has towards her role as a Rotary member. Whilst the Rotary Club seeks to eradicate Polio internationally, it is equally as important to focus on the local community as well. Since settling in Bristol, Kasey has been dedicated to this goal. By making smaller impacts, Kasey hopes that it encourages others to ‘pass the favour on’ and spread more kindness and thoughtfulness to others. NCET is the perfect culmination of these goals and aspirations.

At the heart of NCET is a small but dedicated team who truly believe in the betterment of individuals. If we can go home each day knowing that we have improved the lives of even one person, we are incredibly satisfied. With a society that seems more fast-paced and manic than ever before, it is important to remind yourself of why we do the work we do, and who we do it for. Care, compassion, understanding, kindness, and empathy are but a few select words that describe the work we do at NCET, and we sincerely hope we can share that with you.