NCET Supports Love Entrepreneurs

Love Entrepreneurs is a community designed to support, mentor and above all inspire entrepreneurs from all walks of life to achieve beyond their wildest dreams. It was founded by two people who have made business building their passion and who have come together to help other entrepreneurs share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they can be supported and nurtured to become better and more effective entrepreneurs. The only requirement for membership is a desire to be an entrepreneur and to help others become better entrepreneurs.

Love Entrepreneurs was co-founded by Yvonne Bignall and Eleri Cosslett. Both are serial entrepreneurs having an enviable track record spanning small and large businesses. They have experienced and learned from both success and failure and are dedicated to helping early year businesses use innovation to get started, achieve competitive edge and grow.

One of the regular events held by Love Entrepreneurs is “The Big Fix” where the group brainstorms and masterminds new innovations and different strategies an entreprenuer might be facing. It is a wonderful way to gain second opinions and deeper insight into various target groups and ways of perceiving the next marketing slogan or campaign.

Links to legal advice, the barter platform Silvatree and more can be found by coming along to a Love Entrepreneurs online meeting.

Please note that while we at NCET support initiatives like this one, our Director doesn’t currently have enough time to join this group. She supports one of the co-founder’s other initiatives, Silvatree barter system. Read more about NCET’s involvement with Silvatree in the blog.

Find more information about this innovative support network here: