SCIO Home Rental Programme Discontinued

A message from Kasey Naví Phifer, Co-Director of The Centre

Dear friends, community members, stakeholders and those interested in electromagnetic healing:

I’ve made the executive decision to discontinue the home hire programme of SCIO machines and equipment. It will not be offered again in the foreseeable future, although a similar home hire programme of different devices might be piloted as we make every effort to provide accessible, easy-to-use health and care technology in the field of electromagnetic medicine.

In this message I explain the reasoning behind that decision as well as alternative options if you were hoping to rent a device.

Circumstances Have Changed

The SCIO home hire programme was launched over a year and a half ago, when our living and working situations were completely different. Back then, in the summer of 2021, we were still on an emotional roller-coaster from the collective shock of a global pandemic and from the fear and uncertainty caused by lockdowns. There were restrictions on travel, and one of the uncertainties was whether travel into clinic for a therapy not covered by NHS was warranted as necessary.

I remember one woman suffering terribly from an idiopathic skin condition during this time. Large, raised, red patches covered all her skin. It was painful, preventing her from sleep and negatively affecting her ability to continue working. Medical professionals did their utmost best to help her; It wasn’t ringworm, wasn’t scabies, wasn’t classic eczema, wasn’t dermatitis.

She suffered until lockdown lifted, then drove over the bridge from Wales to my clinic in Bristol. After two sessions, her skin condition cleared up entirely. She could sleep, she could focus; She got her life back. She was so grateful, she came in for a third session which I didn’t recommend but also did not deny her.

This is just one example of a human life impacted by human-made decisions. When certain decisions are made, and when circumstances change, we need to be creative in our outlook on life and approach to problem-solving. If lockdowns prevent us from travel, then we can still use the Royal Mail to post these medical devices to patients’ homes and remotely render the treatment session. All that’s needed is an internet connection.

And yet I’ve made the decision to discontinue the home hire programme. Why?

NCET team Zoom xmas event

Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation

Remote healthcare is not as easy as I’ve made it sound. There was a daunting amount of paperwork, identity verification, sessions rendered remotely late evenings and a considerable amount of time spent in handling the equipment.

At present, in January 2023, we still acutely feel the economic impact of the global pandemic as well as the disruptions to supply chains and our social interactions. It is important to remember that these consequences are not because of a virus or “the virus”. These consequences on our society, economy, and lives are a direct result of human-made decisions. Based off the best efforts of experts in medicine and science, trusted politicians made decisions.

These human-made decisions impacted nearly every aspect of our lives. And so, when I make an executive or operational decision as one leader of this company, I am a keenly aware of the far-reaching consequences it can have. Some of the patients we serve desperately need the treatments we render.

We will continue providing treatments and therapy, however, the way in which we do so needs to change.

One of my core duties is to assess and mitigate risk. This goes beyond the legal requirements as an employer. I have carefully thought through our Workplace Risk Assessment, COVID-19 Risk Assesssment, lone worker policies, and Ethics Statement. I have also – together with the other Director of the Centre – assessed our risks in capital management which include time, such as for equipment repair, and finances.

After thorough assessment, I have found the home rental programme to be too costly when there are more affordable options readily available. Money is not the largest factor when determining cost; It’s mostly time, effort, paperwork, insurance, trust.

Our vision at the Centre is and was and will continue to be making electromagnetic therapies accessible for those who need them. Accessible means that it must cost-effective, environmentally low-impact, practical, easy to use, and as time-efficient as possible.

Therefore, we are expanding into the rendering of distance therapy. We will continue brokering the sales of devices. We will continue rendering in-clinic appointments.

Distance therapy offers a large number of advantages for practitioners, patients, and the environment:

  • Petrol and time are saved by not driving into clinic
  • No wear and tear is done to the electrodes which are currently made of non-recyclable materials (We are moving into complete sustainability in the near future, which involves gold plating and 3D printing.)
  • Distance therapy can be automated, saving practitioner time
  • A choice of therapies are available that the patient can select and have run on an as-needed basis without notification of the therapist or practitioner. It’s just like self-medicating, except it’s electromagnetic therapy rather than herbs or supplements

If you have any questions about distance healing, follow the links below and contact one of our staff. We would be delighted to assist you in experiencing this non-local electromagnetic healing.

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