Fees & Prices

Therapy North Bristol

The Elm Hut
in Hillside Studios
Berwick Lane
Easter Compton
BS35 5RU

Bristol Clifton

(Rented by the hour)
The Practice Rooms
39 Cotham Hill
Cotham (on the edge of Clifton)


(Partner clinic)
The Energy Space
22 Hatton Garden


(Partner clinic)
Bio Health Tech
Walton House
56-58 Richmond Hill

First Session, 2 Hours
Includes initial consultation, comprehensive health scan and appx. 80 min. therapy
£195 £225 £225 £195
Follow-up Session, 1.5 Hours
Includes comprehensive health scan, comparison of results with progress tracking and appx. 80 min. therapy
£150 £180 £200 £175
Follow-up Session, 1 Hour £125 £155 £150 n/a
60-Minute Allergy & Sensitivity Test with SCIO device, includes screenshots £95 £125 n/a n/a
45-Minute Complete Health Scan with Quantuma Analyser or Bio Scan device, includes 40+ pages PDF report £95 £125 n/a £125
Concessions (Discounts for financial hardship) Yes – ask about waiting list No Yes – ask about T&Cs No, but look for coupons & group discounts
Concessions Clinic
Limited therapies available; no progress tracking, no comprehensive health scan, therapy given by trainee or student
£59/1.5 hours
No No No


Frequently Asked Questions about Payment, Prices and Therapy Fees

Is Your Therapy on the NHS?

Unfortunately not at this time.

Although Biofeedback therapy is covered by NHS for a very limited scope of therapies — such as pelvic floor muscle strengthening for urinary incontinence in children — our treatments for PTSD, trauma, depression, anxiety, allergies, eczema and other conditions are not covered by NHS. That means therapy in our clinic must be paid for out-of-pocket.

We remain quite hopeful, however, that with continued research in the field of ElectroMagnetic therapies, our services will soon be another form of medicine provided by the British National Health Service.

Who Funds the Centre?

Our clinic is currently 100% self-funded. Much of what we do is made possible by generous donations from our volunteers and our Director.

We are grateful, however, to have indirect funding for administrative and research assistance that comes from the government through the Kickstart Scheme. The Kickstart programme is an initiative to help young individuals find employment when they otherwise would not in an economy affected by COVID. The Centre applied for an was granted two Kickstart placements. Both individuals work 25 hours a week for 6 months under the Kickstart Scheme, with paid holiday and salaried at a National Living Wage.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Each location has a different booking system or process.

  • Our private Bristol clinic near the M5 Cribbs Causeway exit — Book a Concessions Clinic appointment online, book an allergy test or health scan online, or request an appointment with Kasey by emailing knp@ncet.co.uk
  • The Practice Rooms in Bristol Clifton and Bristol Queen Square — Submit an appointment request online including the booking service charge paid in advance for these locations
  • The Bournemouth clinic is run by our independent partner and colleague Kevin Davies — Email him to arrange an appointment: kevindavies.kd@gmail.com
  • The Energy Space Centre for Holistic Wellness in London is run by our independent partner and colleague Sarah Chessa — Email her to arrange an appointment: sarah@theenergyspace.com