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TMS and rTMS for Mental Health: A Summary of Studies

TMS and rTMS for Mental Health: A Summary of Studies We've gathered recent studies on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Repetitive TMS (rTMS) that have been conducted in the area of mental health such as: Anxiety / General Anxiety Disorder Depression / Major Clinical Depression / Pharmacological Treatment-Resistant Depression Insomnia Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Although [...]

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Summary of International PEMF Studies

PEMF Outside The U.K. Whilst there are limited studies within the U.K. (which can be viewed HERE), there are a wider range of research and clinical trials internationally. PEMF Therapy has undergone extensive research since the 1970s, with Europe and the USA leading the development of electromagnetic therapy for clinical use. Below you [...]

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Summary of U.K. Based PEMF Research

UK-Based PEMF Therapy & Electromagnetic Treatment Studies: A Tabular Overview If you have read our many articles looking into Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, you can see that it is a well-established form of non-invasive treatment used in a wide array of conditions and illnesses. Whilst PEMF Therapy has been rigorously studied -- largely within [...]

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Clinical Trial Into PEMF Treatment of Depression

PEMF Therapy Improves Symptoms of Depression A study by the University of Southern Denmark in 2017 revealed the benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy in treating symptoms of depression. The study used PEMF equipment that created electrical impulses of 220V and used a helmet with 7 electrical coils attached to administer the treatment. 52 participants [...]

Clinical Trial Into PEMF Treatment of Depression2022-02-08T13:43:10+00:00
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